The Ecological Traitdata Standard (ETS) is a collection of terms for datasets on quantitative and qualitative organism properties (i.e. traits) that describe its performance or function in an ecosystem. It also includes recommendations on how to structure such data for upload in public databases. The ETS provides a low-threshold standard, suitable for storing own trait data locally, or for publishing them on a scientific database or filehosting service.


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Ecological Traitdata Standard by Florian D. Schneider, Malte Jochum, Gaëtane LeProvost, Caterina Penone, Andreas Ostrowski, Nadja K. Simons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. That means, you are free to use and re-use, modify and publish all texts and documents on this website, as long as you give attribution to its original source.

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To refer to this version of the ETS please cite:

Schneider, F.D., Jochum, M., Le Provost, G., Ostrowski, A., Penone, C. and Simons, N.K. (2018) Ecological Trait-data Standard Vocabulary, v0.8, URL: https://ecologicaltraitdata.github.io/ETS/v0.8/ , DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1255287

You can cite all versions of the ETS by using the DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1041732. This will always resolve to the latest version.

Please also cite the paper discussing the rationale of the Ecological Trait-data Standard:

Schneider, F.D., Jochum, M., Le Provost, G., Ostrowski, A., Penone, C., Fichtmüller, D., Gossner, M.M., Güntsch, A., König-Ries, B., Manning, P. and Simons, N.K. (2018) Towards an Ecological Trait-data Standard, biorxiv.org DOI: 10.1101/328302


The Ecological Traitdata Standard Vocabulary is under continuous open source development, hosted on Github. Please refer to the Github Issues page for discussion and revision of individual terms, and settle the issue here before filing a pull-request that implements an update.