Function to create a defined object containing metadata paramaters according to a pre-defined template.

  template = list(datasetID = NULL, datasetName = NULL, author = NULL, rightsHolder =
    NULL, bibliographicCitation = NULL, license = NULL, version = NULL, comments = NULL,
    description = NULL, region = NULL, conformsTo = NULL)



named objects of any class. Names must be the same as given by template or they will be ignored when producing the metadata object.


The default template contains the elements as defined by the Ecological Traitdata Standard.


an object of class 'metadata', or - if metadata objects are provided as input - a list object of class 'metadatalist'.


# set metadata object a <- as.metadata(author = "Martin Gossner", datasetName = "Heteroptera morphometric traits") # update an existing metadata object a1 <- as.metadata(datasetID = "heteroptera", template = a)