traitdataform 0.2

Major changes

  • updated terms to traitdata standard v0.6.
  • datasets are not loaded by default, but wait for a prompt using data(). Also added documentation for all datasets and added more datasets.
  • adding function method rbind.traitdata() for merging standardised datasets into a unified table. includes handling of metadata object in attributes
  • metadata can be stored in the attributes of a dataset and will be preserved when updating the dataset. Information will be handled when merging or combining multiple datasets.
  • trait thesauri can be added more easily from a data frame or from a list of ‘trait’ objects.

Minor changes

  • update vignette: add section on merging and combining data.
  • added print methods for traits and thesaurus objects.

traitdataform 0.1.7

Major changes

  • add function standardize.exploratories() to extract georeference data for a plotID.
  • add function read.service() (provided by Dennis Heimann & Andreas Ostrowski) for access of datasets on BExIS. I added a secure masked prompt using the ‘getPass’ package.

Bug fixes

  • Spelling of ‘occurrence’