This function sources a recipe for extracting public trait data.

pulldata(x = NULL)



the dataset to source. Leave empty for full list of available datasets.


Makes a raw dataset available in R according to instructions provided by dataset function.


The package 'traitdataform' comes with a collection of recipes for public trait data. These R-scripts

  1. define how to read the file from an online source, i.e. a URL to a txt, xlsx, or a ZIP archive

  2. assigns metadata attributes about authorship, license and original publication

  3. provide parameters for the standardize() function, i.e. a trait thesaurus, mappings and units.

New recipes can be suggested as a pull requrest via the package development page (

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Florian D. Schneider


# to get a list of all available data within the package pulldata()
#> Please choose a trait dataset to import! the following trait datasets are available: #> amniota #> amphibio #> arthropodtraits #> carabids #> eltontraits #> heteroptera_raw #> heteroptera #> mammaldiet #> pantheria
# to import a dataset pulldata("carabids")
#> Direct call to data source failed. Please check internet connectivity and re-load data!
#> The dataset 'carabids' has successfully been downloaded!